Saturday, July 4, 2015


So on Friday my sister, Kit Kat, and I went to this nice shopping place in Rhode Island called Watch Hill. And Taylor Swift has a really beautiful house just a short walk from there, so we decided we would walk by and look at it.  I noticed that there were more security guards there than last year. And while Kit Kat and I were looking up at her house we saw HER. She was on, what we assumed was a rooftop patio. I didn't want to assume it was her so we went home to make sure that she was at her house, and that we hadn't just seen like a blonde, short haired maid or someone that we thought was her. So we checked Instagram, because last year she had a really big 4th of July party and she had posted some picture of on Instagram. And sure enough she was having a big party there.

So that made my 4th of July Weekend awesome!! Thank you Taylor Swift!!!

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