Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reaction to "She's The Man"

So I decided I would do reaction post. I am watching She's The Man.
>OK so she's really good at soccer. That's cool.
>They cut her team? What jerks!
>How dare her boyfriend be a jerk like that
>I see where this is going
>Paul is so cool, I ship it
>She Looks thoroughly terrified
>Second hand embarrassment is coming on strong
>OK try out time, you better shine girl
>She barely avoided that shower
>She's never going to be able to take a shower
>Monic is going to ruin it.
>I thought she was really good at soccer, why is she always on the ground then?
>she is totally falling in love with that dude
>She should just pretend that she/he is gay, it would make life easier, sort of.!
>Carnival time
>She Should have worn something easier to change into
>A kissing booth is kind really gross
>She really laid that on thick
>She could at least try eating like a normal person
>Oh hell, a bitch fight!
>Real Sebastian looks really confused
>Awesome way to prove your not a girl
>She Better kick ass
>Yeah, Duke scored that goal!!!
>I am getting serious Mulan flash back
>Awesome way to prove your a girl
>The coach is awesome
>How is she playing with out her hair in a pony tail?
>Now Duke is giving her the stink eye
>Paul Rules, Duke drools
>Duke is ok, I guess.

OK so that was my thought process. I edited shorter, it was actually really long to begin with. Overall it was an awesome Movie. Thanks to my friend Karina who suggested I watch it.

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