Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 15

(This is actually the time line from the 14th)

I am still on vacation In Rhode Island, and we are going home today.

6:00 am I wake up because it's raining and close the door that leads to the balcony so the rain doesn't come in

8:00 My Mom comes in and tells my sister and me to clean up our room and finish packing.
  - I ate and egg and cheese sandwich

9:00 - 10:45 We (we meaning my 3 brothers, who are all younger than me, my older sister, and my younger sister, and my Mom And Dad) cleaned the house because my grandma (my mom's mom), we call her Coco, freaks out if we leave the slightest bit of a mess.

11:00 We pack into two car and leave for the airport

12:00 pm We get to the airport and are told that the plane has been delayed until 5. So we eat a horrible meal of PB and J. Usually I like PB and J, but the bread was really dry and gross.

5:00 we get on the plane, and then are told that we all have to get off because it was delayed again.

5:45 we get on the plane, and finally leave

10:00 our second flight leaves

1:00 we land and our dad picks us up

1:30 we get McDonalds

3:00 am we get Home and I sleep

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