Friday, June 2, 2017

Why I Dislike Being Called "Talented"

Don't get me wrong, I know people mean "talented" as a compliment. But talented implies that you were born with it, or that you were just made that you could do this certain thing. Google defines it as, "natural aptitude or skill." For me I'm often called talented in reference to my art work.

Some examples of my art work
When someone calls me talented it's nice, but it kind of takes away from all the work I've put in to becoming an artist. I've put years of work into getting to where I am, so when someone says "You're lucky you're so talented at art," it gets me a bit annoyed.

I wasn't born with a paint brush or pencil in my hand; I didn't even think this is what I wanted to do until about four year ago.

As Bob Ross says, "Anyone can paint." Which means that you could paint well if you just tried, and put in the work.
Image result for bob ross "anyone can paint"

It's like saying "I can't bake," and then never trying to bake or get better at baking. Well yeah, if you never try to get better at it than you will never get better at it. It's that simple.

All this being said, I know people mean it as a compliment, and don't mean for it to diminish my hard work. 
I hope you've enjoy some of my art pieces in this post. 

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