Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Best Thing That Happened This Year; Blog Challenge Day 22

The best thing that happened this year. It would have to be that my cousin, Sharkie, and I became a lot closer. In the past we weren't that close. We fought a lot, and overall kind of didn't like hanging out together. But we recently I just realized that Sharkie is really fun to talk to, and that she is really nice. I literally had like a mental break down in front of her, and she was really nice and reassuring the whole time. We keep in touch through video chat mostly. And it's nice to be such good friends with a family member, because you know they are always going to be there for you.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top 10 Favorite Foods; Blog Challenge Day 21

Top 10 favorite foods (in no particular order)

1. Indian food, any Indian Food

2. Chinese Food 

3. Lucky Charms

4. Oreo
5. Nutella 
6. Chicken Pesto Sandwich

7. Steak

8. Milkshakes (I don't care if it's a drink and not food)
9. Soda 
10. Pasta

This was surprisingly hard for me, even though I love food. 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

A Difficult Time In My Past; Blog Challenge Day 20

 A difficult time in my past. Well, about a year ago I suffered from depression. I even went to therapy for it. I didn't really tell anyone that I was suffering in this way, and I think I hid it pretty well. The annoying thing was that since I wouldn't let on that I was depressed everyone thought that I was super happy all the time. And then if I said something jokingly about being depressed they would say something like, "There is no way you're depressed, you're always so happy!" And they thought this because I made them believe it. I was lucky though, because I didn't have it as bad as other people with depression, but it still wasn't fun. Now I try to always have something to look forward to, or find something that I am thankful for.

I still get depressed but I'm not always depressed. 

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Things I collect; Blog Challenge Day 19

I don't really collect anything. I save my money, so I think it's kind of a waste of money to buy things just to look at. I use my money for like clothes and things like that.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Meaning Behind My Name; Blog Challenge Day 18

The meaning behind my blog name is: I started this blog because I was bored..... And Bored and Blogger both start with B, so it seemed kind of cool.... I don't know... I WAS BORED OK? And I am not very creative.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Reaction to The Notebook (In Gif Form)

So recently I watched The Notebook with my cousin Margot, and sister Kit Kat.

At the beginning with the older couple I was like:

But when it started with the younger couple I was like: 

I'm not huge fan of seeing two people make out in every other scene.

Then when there was that scene (you know what I'm talking about):

Then when the Mom chewed her out:

The Mom did have a point, but she could have been nicer about it
When the Mom took the letters:

          Also. side note. She didn't receive a letter everyday because:
When Noah went off to war:

When it looked like Allie had finally moved on:

When Allie got engaged:
In case you didn't know, this is from the music video "Miss Movin' On"
When Noah became obsessed with building the house:
When Allie came to see Noah:

When the did it

When it turned out that the older couple were Allie and Noah: 

When she didn't remember Noah:

When they died together: 

 There you have it! When I watched this movie I knew nothing about it. I went into it thinking that this was just some stupid cheesy chick flick that had two teens fall in love, and I would have hated it if it wasn't for the fact that they showed them when they were older and still in love. I also realized that it was terrible timing for me to watch it, because I have an Uncle that just recently died due to Alzheimer. So I cried more then I normally would have. 

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Comment what your favorite part of the movie was, and any suggestions on what I should react to next. I want to hear from you!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 17 And Blog Schedule

I don't really have a proudest moment. Maybe when I got five out of five on a piano contest thing, that was pretty awesome.

Or when I realized I got straight As on all of my subjects, except for latin. Or pretty much whenever someone compliments my clothes.

Yeah, I don't have very many pride moments.

I like schedules... a lot. But I realized that with this blog I didn't want a schedule, I want to be able to post something whenever I want to or feel like it. So the Schedule is: THERE IS NO SCHEDULE! 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Broken Cord and Stuff

 The cord to my laptop broke!!! 

And yes, it was as traumatic as it sounds. There was a wire that was broken in the cord, and I had refused to buy a new one for months. I would twist and turn the wire until it charged my computer, but then one day, no matter how much I twisted it, the cord it wouldn't charge my Computer!!! So I went about a day with no internet until I realized that there was an old tablet that no one uses that I could use, but the one problem was that there was no keyboard. So everything I wrote had to be typed on the touch screen using a stylus (it is so
old that it's not finger touch.)

 My cousin Margot has been here for a day. So far we've gone out to Taco Bell, spent an hour looking for Papa John's Pizza, and watched The Decoy Bride.
(And yes, of course I think David Tennant is adorable)
We've also done a lot of painting. My Parents decided that now would be the best time to paint our upstairs. And Margot brought her younger sister's, Charlotte, nintendo Ds for me! Thanks so much, Charlotte!!!! And also thanks to Margot who brought it. It doesn't have a charger though, so I bought one off of Amazon.

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Why yes, how clever of you to notice. I do have a picture of the doctor and a gif of Riversong in the same blog post seemingly by accident. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 16

At the top of my bucket list is go to Europe. As you can tell, I really want to go Europe. Also not die alone would be nice.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reaction to "She's The Man"

So I decided I would do reaction post. I am watching She's The Man.
>OK so she's really good at soccer. That's cool.
>They cut her team? What jerks!
>How dare her boyfriend be a jerk like that
>I see where this is going
>Paul is so cool, I ship it
>She Looks thoroughly terrified
>Second hand embarrassment is coming on strong
>OK try out time, you better shine girl
>She barely avoided that shower
>She's never going to be able to take a shower
>Monic is going to ruin it.
>I thought she was really good at soccer, why is she always on the ground then?
>she is totally falling in love with that dude
>She should just pretend that she/he is gay, it would make life easier, sort of.!
>Carnival time
>She Should have worn something easier to change into
>A kissing booth is kind really gross
>She really laid that on thick
>She could at least try eating like a normal person
>Oh hell, a bitch fight!
>Real Sebastian looks really confused
>Awesome way to prove your not a girl
>She Better kick ass
>Yeah, Duke scored that goal!!!
>I am getting serious Mulan flash back
>Awesome way to prove your a girl
>The coach is awesome
>How is she playing with out her hair in a pony tail?
>Now Duke is giving her the stink eye
>Paul Rules, Duke drools
>Duke is ok, I guess.

OK so that was my thought process. I edited shorter, it was actually really long to begin with. Overall it was an awesome Movie. Thanks to my friend Karina who suggested I watch it.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 15

(This is actually the time line from the 14th)

I am still on vacation In Rhode Island, and we are going home today.

6:00 am I wake up because it's raining and close the door that leads to the balcony so the rain doesn't come in

8:00 My Mom comes in and tells my sister and me to clean up our room and finish packing.
  - I ate and egg and cheese sandwich

9:00 - 10:45 We (we meaning my 3 brothers, who are all younger than me, my older sister, and my younger sister, and my Mom And Dad) cleaned the house because my grandma (my mom's mom), we call her Coco, freaks out if we leave the slightest bit of a mess.

11:00 We pack into two car and leave for the airport

12:00 pm We get to the airport and are told that the plane has been delayed until 5. So we eat a horrible meal of PB and J. Usually I like PB and J, but the bread was really dry and gross.

5:00 we get on the plane, and then are told that we all have to get off because it was delayed again.

5:45 we get on the plane, and finally leave

10:00 our second flight leaves

1:00 we land and our dad picks us up

1:30 we get McDonalds

3:00 am we get Home and I sleep

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 14

What would I do if I won the lottery? Well (prepare to be disappointed) I would use it to pay off any debts I had. But lets say I didn't have any debts and that it was a whole lot of money, just to make it more fun. I would go to Europe for the Summer. I would stay in London mostly, and then visit all the other place in Europe. 

Or I would buy a whole new wardrobe, 75% of my clothes are hand-me-downs.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 12 and 13

So since the stuff in the fridge isn't that interesting (it's mostly vegetables) I decided I would skip it and go straight to Day 13.
This is essential what it looks like (at least to me)

Well, I have two. I can't remember which one s my earliest so I'll just say both. So, my first earliest memory would probably be when my granddad does his "Interviews". My granddad does this thing every year where he will interview us.

He's done it as long as I can remember, and it's a really great idea. He would ask us generic questions like, "What is your favorite color?" or "what do you want to do when you grow up?" And he records it on his camera, and then every like 5 years we'll watch the recordings and laugh at our stupid answers to the questions.

It's really fun. And I think the earliest memory was when my granddad asked me what was the monster that scared me the most. Now most kids would say something like "Boogie Man," or "Voldemort" but I said my Dad. I don't even remember why, maybe I was mad at him. Or he had scared me recently, but all I know is that is still a cringe worthy moment to this day.

The other one is also in my grandparents' house. My grandparents' house backs up onto like a cove where there are jellyfish. And my Dad got a bunch of jellyfish and put them in a jar. And then when it was night time, he brought them into a closet and banged the ground around the jar and made the jellyfish light up.

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