Friday, February 12, 2016

Reasons Why Being Single On Valentine's Day Can Be Fun

Valentine's Day is coming up and a lot of people are alone for it, myself included. So here are some reasons that being alone for Valentine's Day can be fun.

You don't have the stress of planning something

There is no one to judge you for eating a bunch of chocolate

You can spend the night watching netflix

You can order a whole pizza and eat it yourself

You can spend the day treating yourself to stuff. 

You don't have to waste money on someone else

You don't have to decorate your house in Valentine's Day junk
I couldn't find a better gif
You can spend the whole day in your PJs, there is no need to get dressed up

You can make fun of other couples, without feeling bad.

You can hangout with all your gals

And after Valentine's Day, there is all that candy on sale!!

 Even if these things don't help you, just remember that some day you'll spend Valentine's Day with someone you love (right?).
 Comment down below what your favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day is!

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