Friday, July 24, 2015

Reaction to The Notebook (In Gif Form)

So recently I watched The Notebook with my cousin Margot, and sister Kit Kat.

At the beginning with the older couple I was like:

But when it started with the younger couple I was like: 

I'm not huge fan of seeing two people make out in every other scene.

Then when there was that scene (you know what I'm talking about):

Then when the Mom chewed her out:

The Mom did have a point, but she could have been nicer about it
When the Mom took the letters:

          Also. side note. She didn't receive a letter everyday because:
When Noah went off to war:

When it looked like Allie had finally moved on:

When Allie got engaged:
In case you didn't know, this is from the music video "Miss Movin' On"
When Noah became obsessed with building the house:
When Allie came to see Noah:

When the did it

When it turned out that the older couple were Allie and Noah: 

When she didn't remember Noah:

When they died together: 

 There you have it! When I watched this movie I knew nothing about it. I went into it thinking that this was just some stupid cheesy chick flick that had two teens fall in love, and I would have hated it if it wasn't for the fact that they showed them when they were older and still in love. I also realized that it was terrible timing for me to watch it, because I have an Uncle that just recently died due to Alzheimer. So I cried more then I normally would have. 

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