Monday, February 29, 2016

Pros and Cons of Being A Kid

I don't consider myself a "kid" anymore, but this applies to teens as well, so whatever. Anyway, here are some pros and cons of being a kid/ teen.

Pro: You don't have to figure out bills.

Con: You are too young to do certain things.

Pro: You Don't have to pay for all of your food.

Con: You are totally at the mercy of you parents.

Pro: You always have someone to turn to when you don't know what to do.

Con: When you mess up you get punished, instead of just dealing with the fact that you messed up.

Con: If you do something wrong it reflects on your whole family

Pro: Your family will stand by your side 

Con: You can't go some places because your parents say no
17 Ways To Say No To Annoying Things You Don’t Want To Do

Pro: You can blame your parents for not being able to go somewhere you didn't actually want to go

Con: There are a lot of people who know you that you don't remember
the princess bride fred savage cheek pinch

Pro: They usually talk about what you've accomplished since they last saw you.

Con: The stress of School

Pro: You get to learn new things

Overall being a kid isn't the worst thing ever.

Comment below if there are any pros and cons that I missed.

 The Bored Blogger

Friday, February 12, 2016

Reasons Why Being Single On Valentine's Day Can Be Fun

Valentine's Day is coming up and a lot of people are alone for it, myself included. So here are some reasons that being alone for Valentine's Day can be fun.

You don't have the stress of planning something

There is no one to judge you for eating a bunch of chocolate

You can spend the night watching netflix

You can order a whole pizza and eat it yourself

You can spend the day treating yourself to stuff. 

You don't have to waste money on someone else

You don't have to decorate your house in Valentine's Day junk
I couldn't find a better gif
You can spend the whole day in your PJs, there is no need to get dressed up

You can make fun of other couples, without feeling bad.

You can hangout with all your gals

And after Valentine's Day, there is all that candy on sale!!

 Even if these things don't help you, just remember that some day you'll spend Valentine's Day with someone you love (right?).
 Comment down below what your favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day is!

 The Bored Blogger.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Types Of People

Recently I've become more aware of the people around me in my life. So I decided to write about different types of people I've noticed. These are all extreme examples just to show exactly what I mean. And I don't intend to be mean by these examples.

The Debater: This is the person who will debate anyone's point of view that is different then theirs. It could be something as stupid as which ice cream flavor is better than which, but this person will the debate the life out of it, until everyone is scared of voicing their opinion.

The Friend Collector: This is the person who tries to get as many friends as possible. You can never introduce this person to your own friends, because he/she will try to steal them from you.

The Social Media Queen (or King): This person will meet someone once and then follow him/her on all forms of social media. The Social Media Queen also likes to let everyone know what everyone else is doing on whatever social media.

The Gossiper: This person gossips about everyone! Doesn't matter if it's a toddler or a parent but this person gossips about them. And this person reassures everyone that she never talks badly about them, but then turns right around and gossips.

The Corrector: This person is a lot like The Debate. This person wants to make sure that everyone knows when someone says something slightly wrong. He/she will interrupt the speaker and say exactly what they said slightly wrong.

The reaction of everyone when the Corrector starts talking.
The Over Achiever: This person will read ahead in the assigned work. This person will memorize the answers to all the questions in the class. So essentially the Hermione Granger of the class.

I am a combination of pretty much all of these. But there are some people who are more of one thing then another.

Comment Below if there are any people I left out!
  The Bored Blogger