Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Broken Cord and Stuff

 The cord to my laptop broke!!! 

And yes, it was as traumatic as it sounds. There was a wire that was broken in the cord, and I had refused to buy a new one for months. I would twist and turn the wire until it charged my computer, but then one day, no matter how much I twisted it, the cord it wouldn't charge my Computer!!! So I went about a day with no internet until I realized that there was an old tablet that no one uses that I could use, but the one problem was that there was no keyboard. So everything I wrote had to be typed on the touch screen using a stylus (it is so
old that it's not finger touch.)

 My cousin Margot has been here for a day. So far we've gone out to Taco Bell, spent an hour looking for Papa John's Pizza, and watched The Decoy Bride.
(And yes, of course I think David Tennant is adorable)
We've also done a lot of painting. My Parents decided that now would be the best time to paint our upstairs. And Margot brought her younger sister's, Charlotte, nintendo Ds for me! Thanks so much, Charlotte!!!! And also thanks to Margot who brought it. It doesn't have a charger though, so I bought one off of Amazon.

  The Bored Blogger

Why yes, how clever of you to notice. I do have a picture of the doctor and a gif of Riversong in the same blog post seemingly by accident. 

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