Saturday, November 7, 2015

Random Things About Me

I decided I would post some things about myself that some people might not know about me.

I get defensive over my friends; I don't like mixing different friends together because I am so insecure that I worry that they'll become better friends with each other than with me.

I love alone time with people; I love hanging out with just one person, or doing something fun with just one person. When I hang out with a large group of people I get stressed out, I don't know why.

I am passive aggressive; I am passive aggressive, and also just aggressive. When I am angry I will let you know!

I hate it when something unfair happens; I relate to Batman on a spiritual level, the way he loves justice is very relatable for me. That is probably why my family sometimes calls me Batman (ok they don't call me batman that often)

I'm not good with authority; I don't like it when people boss me around. If you ask me, or I agreed that you should be in charge of a project I wont have a problem with it. But if someone just puts themselves in charge, then I will do everything I can to rebel.

My time is precious to me; Time is very important to me.  So if i want to spend time with you, then you better believe that I think you are worth it!

The Bored Blogger. 

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