Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life Being the Only Girl In The Family

So on early on Saturday morning my Mom left to go visit her sister. And then my sister Kitty Kat left later that same day to go to a chant camp (as in Gregorian chant.) Leaving me to be the only sane person in my family.

Also on Saturday our dog died. Yes, our dog died. it was traumatic and horrible. She got hit by a car, we have no idea who did it.
I couldn't choose between the two gifs, so I did both

Then at 12 we were invited to a lunch with people that I barely knew, like my Mom had introduced me once like a year ago. And then Kitty had to leave like a half hour into it to go to the airport. Meaning that I had to socialize with this really nice, quiet girl. All. By. Myself.

Then after that we went to confession and then to Church. I went to church wearing shorts and sneakers, I've never done that before.
On Sunday my dad made scones for breakfast! They were good, I had lemon curd with mine.

Then we had to clean out the car, like vacuum, and wash with soap. Then I watched netflix for like 2 hours.

We had dinner, and I patched up a cover thingy for our car. After that I took a shower while the rest of the family went swimming.

Then my neighbor, Mimi, came over and invited me over to her house. We then watched American Ninja Warrior and Food Network Star. We also had ice cream and pie. I then stayed up until 12 to write this blog while I listened to Fall Out Boy. It was fun.

On Monday we tidied the house in preparation for cleaning people to come clean our house (we usually don't have people clean for us). 

I watched youtube until 12, I then had lunch while watching the Office. 

At 3 we went over to our grandma's house (she lives right next door) to hang out while our house was cleaned. Afterwords we got chinese food.

We then went home where my Dad and I had movie night and watched Galaxy Quest. 
I then interneted until 11:30, and then went to bed.

I didn't really do anything interesting on Tuesday.... I worked out, ate, watched netflix, and went to sleep. Pretty much like every other day.

There was one annoying thing that happened. I've been working out pretty much everyday for the last 3 months, and I feel like there is no visible difference. But my younger brother did like 30 situps and the next day he had like the beginning of a six pack. I have like a flat stomach, that's it, no beginning of a six pack or anything. 

My overall thought is: It wasn't that bad.

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