Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monthly Favorites

So it is the end of August. And I am going to mention a couple of my favorite things. So here are my favorite...

Youtuber: I always love Dan and Phil, but I recently I re watched a bunch of Tyler Oakley videoa, and he is just so funny! 

Clothing Item: I got these really nice sandals 
Random Item: My DS! (Thanks to my awesome cousin)

Drink: Golden Ginger Ale

Food: Brownies 

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Song: It's a tie between Drag Me Down, and She's Kinda Hot

Movie: X Men

Random Item: iHome speaker for my iPod

Music Artist: 5 Seconds Of Summer. I like to think that I am not one of those girls who go crazy for like 1D or whatever, but I listed a 1D song as one of my favs, and now 5SOS again. But oh, well.

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